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From in Bursa, Turkey


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Our boutique hotel has 5 rooms which could be booked by families or large groups. The hotel is centrally heated and hot water is available 24 hours for our guests. Our facility also offers a tv room, inside and outside resting areas and wireless internet.

We have so many lovely animals such as ducks, gooses and chickens all around the hotel just to make you feel the nature of Oylat. Local dishes are at your service.

In the years of Byzantium Empire, there was a powerful man called "Tekfur" governing the area of Inegol. When his beloved daughter becomes very sick, he calls all the best doctors to cure her but his every attempt fails.At last doctors offered "Tekfur" to take her to the woods to thermal spring area. The town people called the area "Ölyat" which means to lie down and die.

She took many baths and stay there until she was cured and returned home. From that day till now this area is known as a holy healing ground. Its name was later changed to "Oylat"..

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