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Situated in an ancient ‘Maison Vigneron’, this stylish and tranquil Chambre d’hôtes de Charme, with its own landscaped garden, covered terrace and private pool, is located on the edge of an ancient ramparted village.

With stunning views over the vines and the garrigue, it is the ideal spot to escape and recharge your batteries or, should the urge take you, to use as a base for discovering the hidden charms of this beautiful region of France.

Comfortable and relaxed, the bedrooms all contribute to the restful qualities of this perfect home from home. With a spacious en suite bathroom and individually controlled air conditioning, guests have been known to sleep until midday and beyond!

You are invited to make full use of the large landscaped garden with its covered terrace and private swimming pool. Iain & Trish will welcome you whole heartedly and help you to explore in a manner that best suits you.

Based around a magnificent old winegrower’s house dating from the mid 1800’s, this will give you an introduction to the seductive area that is the Languedoc Roussillon. You will sample the range and variety of the gourmet delicacies of the region at a different ‘Michelin’ standard restaurant every day and, in the evening, often dining under the stars.

The vineyards of Languedoc Roussillon are ancient, their origins lost in history; various sources credit the Greeks, the Romans and even Hannibal and his warrior elephants with the introduction and subsequent development of viticulture in the region. Whichever ancient traveller was responsible, over the centuries that have passed since their time viticulture has come to be the dominant agricultural activity. The best wines hold their own with the classic French vintages of Bordeaux and Burgundy, and prove it by regularly snapping up prizes at national competitions. Some of the very best wines, by their nature, are produced in small quantities and it is rare to find them outside the region of production.

The soils, baked by the hot Mediterranean sun, are fabulously diverse, with areas of quartz and gneiss scattered between the more common black schist, limestone and clay. There is infrequent rainfall, and what does fall quickly evaporates, the effect of the sun and the Tramontagne, the blustery wind that blows from the northwest on many days of the year. In fact the windblown, rather arid hillside soils are suitable for little else other than the vine and the olive tree.

The beaches paint a different picture - warm Mediteranean waters, golden sands and a choice of water based activities.
Located in the Department of L’Aude between the Black Mountains and the Pyrénées, Carcassonne lies on important routes connecting the Atlantic Ocean to the Mediterranean Sea; and Spain to France and Italy. The River Aude flows north from the Pyrenees through the city and then east into the Gulf of Lyon.

The Medieval city of Carcassona enjoyed tremendous influence under the Trencavel family as you may have read in the book “Labyrinthe” by Kate Mosse. This was brought to an end during the disastrous wars against the Cathars of the Languedoc. At the end of the wars the Languedoc was annexed by the French crown. Carcassona became a French city called Carcassonne.
Named after the mediaeval village of Minerve, the Minervois is unique as a place to explore the Languedoc Rousillon and Northern Spain. ALways with the thought in miond of being able to return each night to the relaxing pool area, the excellent restaurants and a peaceful night's sleep in a very confortable bed.

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