Hotel Señorío de Ursua

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From in Navarre, Spain


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A country hotel with plenty of charm in Valle de Baztan in the Navarrese Pyrenees.

An ideal place in which to practise different rural activities (trekking, horse riding, mountain biking…).

It has a small SPA (jacuzzi, saunas, power showers, hot tubs...), and a restaurant for the hotel’s clients.

Located at the foot of the Camino de Santiago Baztanés path, it is surrounded by majestic mountains and meadows that are home to scattered country homes. Sheltered by forests, Hotel Ursua is immersed in beautiful and welcoming scenery.

It borders the Palacio de los Ursua, from where Pedro de Ursua set off in search of the mythical El Dorado in the company of Lope de Aguirre.

Nearby is the district of Bozate, best known for the story of the untouchables known as the Agotes.

The area boasts golf courses and the many beaches that grace the Basque coastline from Biarritz and Saint-Jean-de-Luz to San Sebastián or Zarauz. The Señorío de BértizNatural Park is 10 minutes from the hotel.

This Casa Ikazatea, loaded with history and 17th century hallmarks that are visible all over the building, houses 19 bedrooms that meet the highest standards for comfort. They are all finished in different colours and have different furniture and decorations, contributing to what we are sure will be a memorable stay.

The hotel is in the Valle de Baztán, sheltered by the Navarrese Pyrenees.

Forests, meadows, orchards and flowers adorn this valley, rich in tradition and culture, with its deeply rooted folklore, exquisite cuisine and town and village architecture that melds the elegant with the popular.
The towns and villages of Baztán are usually found in depressions and are joined by meadows and crops, giving rise to a landscape dotted with country homes. The climate is typical of the Cantabrian coast, with mild winters and summers.

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