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The “caserio” (traditional Basque farmhouse) is in the hamlet of Ametzola in the
valley of Zeberio, on the outskirts of the Gorbea nacional park and about 25kms
from the Guggenheim museum in Bilbao.

The farmhouse was built in the 16th century, renovated as a semi-detached house
in the 18th century after a fire and totally rebuilt about 25 years ago due to
the totally ruinous state it was in when we bought it.

The renovations have been made with modern material to make it highly
functional, maintaining where posible the existing materials in the house (the
old wooden beams and stone walls), the design of the interior walls (vertical
wooden beams incrusted into the walls), wardrobes made from the original wood.
Because of this, the ambiance takes you back at least 100 years, it is very

The farmhouse is situated on a more or less flat piece of land on the southern
side of Mandoia hill, so it gets the sun all day. For this reason, the views
from the house are wonderful, being able to see a good part of the valley of
Zeberio and the Gorbeia Nacional Park (to the south), part of the splendid
Arratia valley to the east, the peaks of the Urkiola Nacional Park to the far
east and the hills which surround Bilbao to the west.

On a considerable number of days during the course of the year, dawn breaks with
the farmhouse above a valley shrouded in a sea of mist, during which you can see
the above-mentioned mountain peaks amongst a sea of mist which generally lasts
for over an hour.

You can also enjoy certain wildlife, mostly birds, but hedgehogs,foxes, civet
cats, red squirrels can also be seen and you can watch the vultures soar

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