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Bed and Breakfasts (B&Bs) and Guest Houses

These are family homes where you can sleep for the night and have breakfast in the morning (some also offer evening meals e.g. table d'hôte style), also known as B&Bs, chambres d'hôtes and a variety of other names in different countries. Essentially bed and breakfasts (B&Bs) and guest houses are family homes which offers you the chance to stay with the family for the night in a much more personal environment than you'd find in a hotel. The buildings themselves range from humble cottages through to luxurious castles, from mas to maison du maître but always offering you the opportunity to experience the personal attention you'd thought had long since disappeared. If you've only stayed in hotels before, you'll find a refreshing change from the standardised hotel rooms. Each B&B or guest house is also the owners' home so you can expect a wide variation in the decoration and services offered: one night you can dine with an ex-Michelin chef, the next it'll be "the wife" (or perhaps "the husband") that does the cooking.

About us

We trace our origins back to January 18th 2005 when a conversation between a group of B&B owners resulted in the proposal that we could do at least as well as any of the B&B listings sites around at the time. Thus was born ourinns.org which is still going today although it has expanded beyond its origins as a listing of B&Bs in France and now covers a whole range of different types of holiday accommodation across a whole host of countries around the world.

For the owners, we still retain our committment to produce the very best listings site that we can manage and are now on the fourth version of the sites.

For their guests, we aim to provide the owners with the tools to present their properties well so that potential guests have the most complete picture of what's on offer. Thus we allow owners to add more than the average number of photos and more than the average amount of text. We even review their own websites so that they can communicate better with their guests directly.

Do we still know all the owners personally as we did in those early days? Well, we still chat now and then with some of the original group of owners and we still manually approve each new property but with over a hundred times the original number we can't chat with all of them. Oh, and, no, we don't approve everyone that applies though we do try to guide those that don't quite make the grade.

So that's us. Just a humble little group of websites with the intention to slowly but surely become the very best holiday accommodation sites in the world.

On this site you'll find properties ranging from cottages to castles with the common theme that they all provide you with accommodation and some form of catering. Therefore you'll find bed and breakfasts (often referred to as B&Bs, chambre-dhôtes or table d'hôtes), inns (auberges or posadas) and small hotels.