Gaudi's Rest B&B

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From in Girona, Spain



Two comfortable, well appointed bed rooms, a shared bathroom, and a peaceful, cool lounge area, where you can read a book, listen to music, or just gaze vacantly at the views from the picture windows. Tea and coffee making facilities available.

Two ensuite rooms, the dining room cum fiesta zone, Dave’s Bar, the main kitchen, all leading to the outside seating area.

The spectacular’ Gaudi’ bench area, the barbecue zone, ideally suited for sunbathing, chatting, painting, relaxing, and most of all, enjoying Dave’s memorable barbecues.

WIFI and TV available in each room.

Breakfast Buffet (8.00 to 10.00 am)
Selection of cereals
Sweet pastries
Homemade Brown Bread
Wholemeal drop scones
Fresh fruit salad

Juice, coffee or tea
The Hot Shot
The Full Catalan
Locally cured bacon, herbed sausages, egg, beans, tomato, mushrooms
And The Rest!!
Eggs on toast – you choose how we cook them (Scrambled, poached, fried)

Baked Beans on toast – but not as you know them, Catalan oven baked beans in a rustic tomato sauce
Selection of savoury omelettes

Tapas (6.30 to 8.00 pm)
In the evening, just when you start to get a bit peckish, the Spanish have a wonderful tradition which is ‘Tapas’ …. A few little snacks, a glass of chilled cava or sangria, good company, laughter, what more could you ask for …….. just keeps you going until the main course arrives.
We offer you a medley of Catalan tapas and evening aperitifs, first drink on the house, and then it’s downhill from there … the detail of the medley depends on the mood of the chef!

Estrella (33 cl) 1.00€
Spirit and mixer 2.00€
Glass of Sangria 1.50€
Glass of wine (white, rose or red) 1.50€
Jug of Tisana (Para Dos) 5.00€
Jug of Tisana (Para Cuatros) 10.00€

La Comida de la Noche
(8.30 to 10.00 pm)
Every evening a different option, could be a barbecue, could be oven baked salmon, or might be a thick juicy steak, all served with a selection of salads and breads, with drinks included. Check the notice board daily, and let us know if you will be joining us, and how many will be in your group…… 15.00€

We can also provide you with a selection of packed lunches, available to order the evening before, which include a sandwich, a drink, some fruit and a savoury snack all packed in a cool box, available from 8.30 am.

Please quote Our Inns when enquiring or booking